How Many Calories In East Of Chicago Parmesan Pops?

How many calories are in East of Chicago Pizza?

Pizza Thin Crust Thick Crust
Wt. Per Serving (g) 80 104
Calories 190 280
Cal.From Fat 70 110
Total Fat (g) 8 12


How many calories are in an East of Chicago Italian sub?

Subs American Italian
Calories 600 680
Cal.From Fat 290 390
Total Fat (g) 33 44
% Daily Value 50 67


What is east of Chicago loaded crust?

Our Crusts. Seasoned pie crust filled with your favorite toppings, a generous layer of our blended cheese. Medium only. Loaded Crust. Thin center with cheese & Pepperoni baked inside a folded edge.

How big is a small East of Chicago Pizza?

Sizes & Toppings

Sizes 16″ Square – 16″ Xlarge – 14″ Large – 12″ Medium – 9″ Small – 6″ Flash
Meats Bacon – Beef – Ham – Pepperoni – Sausage
Veggies Black Olives – Green Olives – Green Peppers – Jalapeno Peppers – Mild Banana Peppers – Mushrooms – Onions – Pineapple – Tomato

Does east of Chicago deliver?

East Of Chicago Pizza Menu: Prices and Delivery – DoorDash.

How many East of Chicago Pizza are there?

East of Chicago Pizza is a restaurant chain based in Lima, Ohio offering different styles of pizza, buffalo wings, breadsticks, and subs. They have 80 restaurants in Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, and South Carolina.

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How big is a flash pizza?

sizes: flash 6″ (pan only) $5.99, small 9″ $9.99, medium 12 $14.99, large 14″ $16.99, extra large 16″ $18.99, ​square 16″ $19.99. chicago style 12″ medium – $14.99, loaded crust 12″ medium – $16.99, ​loaded crust 14″ large – $18.99.

Does Marcos have stuffed crust?

Our handmade dough stuffed with our signature three cheeses. Our handmade dough stuffed with our signature three cheeses plus up to five toppings of your choice; served with a side of our original pizza sauce.

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