Readers ask: Where Do The Calories Come From A Chicken Bacon Artichoke Spinach Parmesan Pizza?

How many calories are in Papa Murphy’s Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 240 (1004 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 0.5 g 2%
Sugars 0.5 g
Protein 14 g
Calcium 200 mg


Is spinach on pizza healthy?

Spinach, often a chosen ingredient as a pizza topping, is high in folate. This vitamin promotes blood circulation in your brain. Waiting to add this topping can help keep it fresh. Pineapple, spinach, and the milk found in cheese are all serotonin boosters, which means that pizza can help you be healthy and happy.

What is in artichoke pizza?

Slices & Specialty Pies Spinach cream sauce with artichoke hearts and a blend of cheeses. Plum tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Chopped breaded chicken cutlet tossed with butter and homemade hot sauce, mozzarella, drizzled with ranch dressing. Plum tomato sauce with a blend of cheeses, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

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What does artichoke taste like on pizza?

raw artichoke is quite mild and slightly nutty. boiled and steamed artichoke is tender with a pleasant hint of sweetness. fried artichoke has a richer texture and is like fried or griddled asparagus but with a nuttier flavor.

What is the healthiest Papa Murphy pizza?

If you’re looking for the healthiest pizza slice at Papa Murphy’s, the crustless garden veggie is the most optimal, nourishing choice when you order a specific type of pie off the menu. You can also create your own pizza instead, allowing you to manage your calories and choose toppings based on your preferred taste.

Does Papa Murphy’s have cauliflower crust pizza?

Here’s what ya need to know! Each Papa Murphy’s Crustless Keto Pizza comes in a 7″ x 9″ tray with 8 servings per tray and starts around $9 (depending on the toppings and which pizza you order). Most of the Crustless Keto Pizzas do contain red sauce which contains 2g of sugar per serving.

Do you put raw or cooked spinach on pizza?

Delicate greens, like arugula and spinach, don’t need to be precooked for pizza, but hearty, leafy greens — especially those with coarse stems — need to be cooked first. Blanch broccoli rabe to soften the stems and tame some of the bitterness, make crispy kale for extra crunch, or sauté Swiss chard!

Can you put raw spinach on a pizza?

The spinach is kept fresh by adding it to the pizza toward the end of cooking. The higher quality the ricotta cheese, the creamier and more delicious the pizza; we prefer Calabro brand.

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Why is pizza so unhealthy?

Like all foods, more processed types of pizza are often higher in unhealthy ingredients than those made from scratch. Frozen and fast-food pizzas can contain ingredients like preservatives, colorings and unhealthy fats. However, all pizzas, no matter how they’re prepared, are typically made using refined wheat flour.

What do you call a ham and mushroom pizza?

Capricciosa Pizza ( Ham, Mushrooms, Mozzarella, and Artichokes)

How many slices are in an artichoke pizza?

Your choice of any 5 slices and a side.

Are artichoke hearts good for you?

They are nutritious, providing an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, and folate, a very good source of vitamin C and magnesium, and a good source of manganese and potassium. Artichokes are an excellent source of many phytonutrients, including antioxidants, which work to help protect against many health risks.

How would you describe the taste of artichoke?

Artichokes have an earthy flavor with herbaceous notes. As for whether you’ll like artichokes or not – they have a similar taste to asparagus and brussels sprouts with a mild nutty flavor. Because of their texture and flavor, people also compare them to celery and celeriac.

What taste good with artichoke hearts?

Artichokes Go Well With

  • Dairy: melted/drawn butter, cream cheese, goat cheese, sour cream, cream sauces, Parmesan cheese, and feta cheese.
  • Produce: spinach, lemon, garlic, onion, avocado, eggplant, sundried tomatoes, shallots, potatoes and arugula.
  • Herbs & Spices: olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, lemon pepper, and basil.

What can you use instead of artichoke hearts?

Substitutes For Artichoke Hearts

  • You can always use canned, fresh, frozen or marinated artichokes interchangeably.
  • Jerusalem artichokes which are not related to artichokes and have a nice clean flavor and crunchy texture.
  • You could use sliced or chopped chayote.
  • Kohlrab i is also very good raw or cooked.

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